Picking a Blog Name

I’m trying to pick a name for my blog. Currently it’s “Dirty Hands”. I’ve thought about “Farmers Tan”, but that’s not really applicable. I’d like to keep my anonymity if at all possible, because it’s a small town here …. and people are really good at talking around here. Other thoughs are

Rough Hands“: maybe

Shep’s Blog“: I don’t want to be called the same thing as my dog

f*********’s Blog“: I read recently on Lifehacker that you should try to keep things human. Funny names like madcat679@gmail.com etc, usually turns people off. I can’t find the article now. so much for f********* …. it’s been on the go now for eight or nine years. I’ll have to find something new and original again *sob*

T***** Farm Blog“: Again a bit too much of a giveaway I think, but let’s see.

…. I think I will. go through a few more before I decide on one

update: here’s some more:

“Earth Hands”:

“Cud Chewing”

“Farmer Hands”

“Chewing and Mooing”: as in chewing the cud and generally moooooing. as cows tend to do!!

I seem to be going back to “Rough Hands” but it’s registered as a .com. I think i’ll change it to Rough Hands for the moment and see how it gets on. no need to register a domain for the moment.


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  2. Rough Hands » Blog Archive » Why Rough Hands? on

    […] I was thinking about what to call my blog a week or two ago, I went through a number of names. None of them too imaginative really. I think I have finally settled on Rough Hands. It comes from […]

  3. nightskyspy on

    The first one is a perfect name I must say. Now, instead of reading “Norwegian Wood” by Haruki Murakami I was reading Rough Hands by Shep 🙂 Enjoyable read and interesting photos. Time to sleep – after all here it is one hour later than in Ireland (though my watch shows Irish time as a reminder). Maybe now I will read one page or two of the book.

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