Wanted: Small Cheap Camera

I was just thinking that to try to describe what life is like here I think I will need a small digital camera that is willing to be roughed around, but which I can take with me where-ever I go. My current camera is a Samsung NV7 OPS which is serving me well, but there’s no way I could take it with me out on the farm. Too much rough and tumble. I need something small that will fit in my pocket and will be virtually indestructible. You only get one chance at taking a photo. I don’t have time to be running in home for the camera. I need to have something that i can just take out, shoot … and carry on with what I was doing. I’ve thought about one of those camera phones … good chance of that being a runner.

Espion Mini : Picture size is too small at 352 x 288 pixels (CIF) price is right though!!!

There’s Pen camera’s, but the resolution is still too small. hmmmm, maybe the best thing to do is to go to an electronics store and see what they have on the cheap!

I’m too tired for now and have to go check cows calving before I go to bed. eek, it’s 12:30am



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