Fuel on the fire

It’s rained a lot in the last few days, after a long warm dry spell where the grass was starting to burn up … in APRIL. that is unheard of around here. anyway with ground temperatures of about 14C at the moment, grass is jumping out of the ground. yippeeeee. lots of cheap food for the cows. unfortunately it brings with it lots of management problems,trying to control the quality of the grass in front of the cows. Still it’s better than not having enough grass!

I’m also trying to get some slurry out. I’ve been unable to spread for the last month cos it’s been too dry (poor uptake of nitrogen due to evaporation), then too wet for a few days (leeching into the ground) and now that it’s dry again, we’re back to the evaporation problem. Ideally the evening would be a good time because it would stop the sun beating down on it, but i’ve a match at 6:45pm … so i’ll have to start the cows at 4:30 to be out the door in time 😦 No rain forecast for this evening either, a little tonight. tomorrow looks like it will be a good day, but warm at 18C. i’d like a nice drizzle now!

On top of all that, my mum wants me to get it out sooner than later, because we’ve a houseful of visitors for the weekend. No pressure needed thanks. I think nine extra souls in the house on Saturday night. God help us!!


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