Blossoming in the Spring Sunshine

It’s always a wonderful sight when the apple trees in our orchard come into blossom, and the weather is just right. Hardly a hint of a breeze and the sun beating down on us. There’s lots of flies, wasps, butterflies zooming around the place, pollinating as they go. Hopefully this weather will keep up for a few more days and we’ll have a nice big crop of organic apples in the autumn. It’s an old old orchard. It was old when my father was a boy. So we reckon the trees are over a hundred years old. Some have knocked by storms in the last few years, but not many.

We use the orchard to start off the calves when they’re coming out from the houses inside. They go stone crazy when they’re left out, and they’re very hard to control, but the ten foot high walls around the orchard sort keep them inside until they’re ready to move onto a new patch of ground. The lads in the picture above were just left out yesterday. They’re all just over a month old, and doing well for themselves.

Last year one of the calves jumped one of the walls that had partly fallen (it was still five foot high!!) and made a run for it down to the town. I caught him tired and breathless after a few minutes, just as he was getting into the town. so I ended up walking him the whole way home. I was tired and breathless after that!

It’s a great ease to them out. They’re generally healthier, and take up a lot less of my time.

30-40 years ago, my grandfather used to keep about 50 greyhounds in there. He was big into racing them and has lots of trophies to show for his efforts. It is too much work for us now. Seeing as I’m trying to lighten the work load a little around here, they just don’t fit in any more.


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