Way to Go

The father of a friend of mine died yesterday. A farmer too like me…. and all the way up to the end. He was spreading fertilized on the tractor, and took a break to see a race in the TV from Punchestown (like any self-respecting farmer would do in the middle of the day), and he dropped dead of a heart attack as he sat down. He was eighty one years. I’d like to live my years well to a good age, and go quick like him.

My generation don’t think much about death. I guess most of us think we’re somewhat invincible, but us farmers face it from time to time. This time of the year (March / April) is always the time I dread, because things do go wrong and animals get sick. Thus it is at the moment. An elderly girl calved three weeks ago, and immediately was just not well. Some kind of pneumonia or foreign object in her lungs. The vet was unable to diagnose her properly, so we opted for "Therapeutic Medicine" (Have a good shot at what it is and hope for the best). She has just never come around right, and now has another bout of pneumonia. I don’t think she’s going to make it this time because her energy reserves are just too low. Still, there’s always hope, and we can only do what we think is best for her and make her as comfortable as possible. Her name is Snowwhite.


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