Open farm

As I mentioned yesterday, we were having a big crowd for the weekend. Disney on Ice Princess Classics is on down in town so there’s people bringing their kids from long and far to go and see it. Friends are using the occasion to call into us as they’re in the area. So, I’ve lost the whole day of work today because of them. Important stuff too, but it’ll have to wait until Monday at this stage 😦


Sometimes things happen around here at the most inopportune times, but not today! We had a cow calve beside the house about 3pm when the visitors were here and all the children (and parents too) were out to see what had just happened. It’s always a great learning experience. I called back to mother and daughter two hours later and lo and behold, there was a second calf. She was just after having a second twin. I never saw it coming (not sure the cow did either) That’s seven out of ninety so far this spring. Way above what we should expect. It was added excitement for the children who are all living in the city and never get real contact with animals. The novelty soon wears off though, and they just want to run around the free space of the garden. It’s funny how quickly they forget about all their expensive toys when you give them some space and let them explore.

Of course i went for my damned camera, only to find it the battery as dead as a doornail as usual. I might be able to get pics off my brother, but his USB port is different to mine. He might send them on when he gets home … if he remembers!


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