Tracing our Roots

I don’t have much interest in my ancestors. It’s hard when you can’t relate to them or their time. I only knew three of my grandparents. My other gran died maybe ten years before i was born, so I never knew her. I know most of my first cousins, but I haven’t even met others. They’re spread all over the world across Canada, Italy, Australia, the US. And some are 20 years my senior, so we just never met. I know my second cousins in Ireland, but no farther.

Today, we had a Man and his wife from Boston call unannounced to our front door, claiming that his ancestors emigrated from our house back in the 1870’s. From the property deeds, we know all the owners back to when the house was built back in the 1740’s, and there was no Barretts in there. It initially skipped my mind that the neighbouring farm were Barretts up to 16 years ago, so I rang an elderly neighbour and keen historian to see if he knew anything. He was able to tell me where their old house was and the people that lived there in the distant past back to the early nineteen hundreds, so there was a good chance that was the house our visitors were looking for.

After all the looking and searching, it turns out that he had a birth certificate and that he was on the wrong road. He was only about a mile out.

Still as I mentioned initially, our generation hasn’t any real interest in our distant relations. Were these people that come looking to research their family history once apathetic like us? Will we look for our lost generations in the future? I don’t know. Maybe sometime when I’ve the time and the energy!


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