Grow tall up the wall

I’m going to grow taller than you

This plant grows at the side corner of our house, and is only about 2-3 feet tall at the moment because we keep it well cut back. Its purpose is to prevent (or more precisely hide) any dirt from appearing on the exterior wall of the house. I trying to get a photo of a robin, but he wasn’t cooperating for me, and I just took the picture above wondering how it would turn out. This time of year, it is jumping o ut of the ground and looks like it’s going to grow and grow up to cover the entire wall. Unfortunately, it will never make it. It’s not strong enough, neither will it escape my mothers (over zealous) clippers. But it has a lovely fresh feel of new growth about it.

Hiding Flower

It’s lovely purple flower looks looks to be saying “I’m here, hiding under this leaf, so please leave me alone”

I’m finding it hard to get back into real work today after all the visitors over the weekend. I had another friend call today at lunch time for a few hours, so that used up more valuable time. Still I like to stop and talk to people. I don’t meet many different faces from day to day. Need rain … getting sunshine, that’s just typical of my luck!


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