Chirp Chirp

I heard the first little chicks of the year today, nested in the wall of an old stone building. It’s near impossible to get a decent picture of one of the nests because the parents make sure that the nest is buried deep in the wall. There are some 200 starlings resident in the cows barn for the winter. I suppose it’s rather nice for them. They have lots of heat from the cows below, Timber rafters on which to perch, no wind, no rain. what else do they want except food? They do make a mess alright, especially on the cows backs, but hell I’m sure they do us some good! By this evening, I had heard two more nests chirping … so it’s going to get very noisy very soon!

As an after note, Snowwhite died this evening. It has been a long drawn out process and not pleasant for anyone. She used always stand in my way from the parlor to the dairy. A real lazy stubborn girl, but not a mean bone in her body. She had this habit of giving me a small puck with her head when she wanted me to scratch behind her ear. You miss those ones more than others.

Update (1/May): It just clicked when i was sorting out some of Snowwhites records that it was actually her mother that had the twins the day before. It seems an ironic coincidence though.


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