You’d Have to Laugh

Me milking Commander after her surprise twins

Me milking Commander after her surprise twins

Last Saturday afternoon, I answered the front door and was met by an American gentleman. Realizing I was still in my farm clothes which had spatters of blood on my shoulder after milking the cow that had twins, I immediately apologized saying “please excuse me, but we’ve just had twins”. He looked shocked, and immediately shook my hand and congratulated me. Initially I was wondering what his enthusiasm was all about, but it clicked that he must have thought my wife or partner had just had twins. He seemed a little disappointed when I told him that it was the cow that was just after having the twins.

It’s still making me smile when I remember the look on his face.


4 comments so far

  1. laurie on

    please tell me you’re joking…..

  2. myBlogAdmin on

    That’s the way it happened.
    He was a nice man, though I can’t for the life of me remember his name. The same guy that was looking for the place where his ancestors came from. I whote about it previously here:

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