Scorchio & White Hairy Legs

SCORCHIO: The term coming from The Fast Show which was on the box a few years ago. They had this dodgy Greek weatherman, and every time he was on it was “scorchio, scorchio, scorchio”. The weather never seemed to change. A group of us were in Turkey a few years back and the temperatures were over 40C for a few days. That really was scorchio. The value of the word reached near onomatopœiaic  proportions as we enthused later as to it’s usefulnes. (all this while being beaten down by the sun and alcohol). Lots of fun at the time from such a simple word.

Likewise in Cork at the moment, it is scorchio! Blue skies as far as you can see, and weather in the twenties …. scorchio. So for the last two days I’ve been revealing my legs to the world again, They’ve been in like winter hibernation since last October, though they got the odd airing for training in the dark evenings, or matches at the weekend … but no-one was looking. So now they’re out, and everything feels much better with the extra vitamin D that I’m getting (I hope that’s all I’m getting). Actually my skin feels tingly this evening. I’m not sunburned, but it’s just that feeling of wellness. Now if only i could get that all over!!!!

I’ll have to be careful not to get the stereotypical farmer tan lines: tanned head, arms (up to T-shirt), knees (below the shorts & and above the wellies). hahahaha … I’m laughing at myself again. no matter what i do, i know it’s going to end up like that. If you can’t beat em, then join them

**note: No picture of my legs …. Best ye not be traumatized over what would normally be a routine everyday experience.


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