Careful does it

I was greeted with a surprise this morning, one of my cows that have yet to calf had done the business in the early hours of the morning, and all was well with them both. Unfortunately, another cow named Blanche (#75 cos she’s all white except for a patch over one eye) had decided to adopt her new baby. Now Blanche is a fine calm and content girl on a normal run of the day, but put a baby calf in the vicinity and she would kill me. She’s just overly protective. It’s happened first three years ago and I got the fright of my life as she cleaned me off my feet as I tried to feed the calf. I wasn’t long scurrying to relative safety. She was a crazed beast that day, and I never forgot it and I could never trust her again after that. This morning I used an electric fence to get between Blanche and the calf, and off I went with mum and baby. It was all fairly simple.

There’s always a certain amount of risk involved when dealing with animals, but you learn to manage it. For those who don’t know how to handle cows or more appropriately bulls, then for everyones benefit, please just get out of the field.

Blanches days are numbered here. She’s getting old now, and has had some health problems this winter, and she’s not milking this year. She can relax for the summer and eat her heart out until she’s as fat as a pig.


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  1. laurie on

    yikes! will you …. eat her?

  2. admin on

    No, I won’t be eating her myself. The crude reality is that come September/October she will be very fat, and she will be sent to the slaughter house & most probably end up as hamburger somewhere.
    The first year I was farming full time, the reality of this struck home, and I found it tough sending animals that you had cared for an nurtured for to be killed. These days I just accept that it is a fact of life, and all I can do is to make sure that I treat them the best I can while they are under my watch. But you know, they are such forgiving animals, and I gain a great deal of comfort just by being with them, and knowing that they are comfortable with me.
    It never becomes easier. Maybe I’m getting colder.

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