How am I going to manage Saturday?

Tomorrow is going to be too much. It’s all lining up before me now, and i can see my fixture congestion coming

7am – 9:30, Milk cows & feed calves

9:30 – 10 Breakfast

10-1:30  Misc jobs

1:30pm dinner

2pm – 4:30 soccer match 

… – 5pm: cows 

5pm – early hours of the morning: Big piss up at the dogs in Cork

Somewhere in between the match and the dogs I have to do the cows. I think the match is going to have to give. I am injured, but players have to attend even if they’re injured. I’ll have to work something out.

I should be in bed at this stage, I still have to go and have a look at the cows. so that’s another half hour sleep gone :! Something is going to give. It might be me!


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  1. admin on

    I’m already half an hour late :(. Were bringing in yesterday mornings cow and calf this morning and the calf decided it wanted none of it. She ran 300m across the lawn field, out onto the public road. She only stopped when our neighbour (farmers wife) stopped and walked up to her and petted her. As my father put it … ” A womans touch”. We don’t know why she took off. All My dad did was to put a hand on her back to get her to rise up … and gone.

    Yesterday’s calf:

  2. laurie on

    i love reading the stories about the cows. and even though your blog is new, i’m liking it. the occasional photo would be nice, too. i like stories illustrated.

  3. admin on

    It’s really hard to take a photo when you’re running across the field trying to intercept a calf gone mad, with mommy not far behind!!
    I think a picture can tell a thousand words. Written words can only fill in the blanks. Sometimes it’s not easy to find the right picture, or enough time to find it. In my second post, I said that i was looking to get a camera that I could take around with me. Well I haven’t found it yet. I’m still looking.

  4. laurie on

    i have a tiny canon digital that fits in my pocket. i bet it would take excellent cow photos.

  5. admin on

    Do you have an make/model for that camera?

  6. laurie on

    powershot sd 700 is

    you can look at my blogs and see what kind of pictures it takes. http://www.afp-ballgirl.blogspot-com and

    it fits in the palm of my hand.

  7. laurie on

    whoops. that’s

    typed too fast.

  8. Lovegod on

    So come on then, forget the “Content Is King” stuff, there are saddos like me on the other side of the globe waiting anxiously for an update…how did things pan out Saturday?

    Did you get the cows done? Did you get to the football match? Did you get pissed on Saturday night?

    Come on, TELL US!!!

  9. admin on

    It got worse … my mum was laid low with a real bad stomach bug, so I ended up having to get dinner for my dad, so I had it all timed nicely to start about 1:45. Just as I started my uncle arrived in the door and wanted a lift to the train station (he was going away for a few days and didn’t want to leave his car there). So I fired on the rest of the dinner and left my dad to figure out the rest (he’s still alive this morning). From the station I went to the match, and left at half time. Everything else went smoothly.
    I’ll write a post on the dogs in a minute, suffice to say I wasn’t in much form for writing this morning … or for doing anything for that matter.

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