Why Rough Hands?

When I was thinking about what to call my blog a week or two ago, I went through a number of names. None of them too imaginative really. I think I have finally settled on Rough Hands. It comes from my cousin about five years ago. At the time she was in search of a man, and her mother was inquiring if she’d ever be interested in a farmer.Her reaction was no, because they’ve got such rough hands.
That seems a little shallow to me, but everyone is entitled to their view. My hands are neither soft nor rough. However, they are strong and I realize this after I’ve shaken someones hand without thinking. Moisturizers, not usually, but I wear gloves whenever I’m dealing with something that could be harsh to my hands (cold water, chemicals, oils, hard work etc), so that does help them a lot. I would wash my hands on average fifteen times a day.
But having rough hands does always sit on my mind as to how some perceive us farmers.


2 comments so far

  1. KatieC on

    Very appealing name of your blog. My other half works in construction and his hands are very strong and the skin can be a little bit rough sometimes. I much prefer hands like his rather than guys with delicate ickle girlie paws! Great blog, by the way.

  2. admin on

    Very much appreciated katie

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