I’m never drinking again!!!

The teachers

Well we had great fun last night at the dogs in Curaheen Park. Sat down to the table at 7pm and basically ate, drank and whittled away some money on the dogs that were going on outside. The group we rarely manage to get together much at anymore. We’re at that stage where there’s babies and responsibilities et al. So last night was just lots of fun, lots of talking and a bit of dancing too.

My view once the wine started to kick in

Note all the torn up tickets on the table (in the picture above) … leading to lots of frustration. Also the wine, a mission merlot, from the Maule valley in Chile. I can’t remember the name though. We all felt it was vastly overpriced for a wine that was only okay (very easy drinking though).

I survived on the betting front. I had no winners for the first six races and felt like packing it in, so I closed my race card (as in picture above), and used “eenie, meanie, mineie, mo” to make my decisions, and it worked!!! I won three of the last five races, and nearly broke even, so I was happy enough. Two of the other lads that know a thing or two about dogs had NO WINNERS the whole night. They were fairly disgusted. And one of the girls that has little or no interest in dogs won five f the first six races. So essentially it was a lottery last night.We also organized a mini-bus to take us there and home to our door steps later. It was a blessing in disguise.

I got home in good form, replied to a few comments and went to bed. The fun started at 5am. I just woke up with a riveting headache and couldn’t go back to sleep. Drugs didn’t work, so at six I decided the best thing was to stop feeling sorry for myself and get up, stick my head into bucket of cold water and do the cows. I went downstairs, had breakfast, felt rather bad and thought bettter of attempting the cows, so back to bed. I was rudely awoken at 8:45. “get up, get up, we’ll be late for mass!”. Just what I wanted to hear. At this stage my forehead was constantly throbbing and my stomach was just yucky. Struggled out to the cows, the body feeling limp. It was sheer pain the whole way through, but I got there, and to mass (and almost fell asleep there). So I survived, and vowed “Never to drink again”. An idle threat I’m sure.


5 comments so far

  1. laurie on

    looks like fun. sometimes the headache the next day is just WORTH IT.
    nothing helps cure it, though, like tons of water and four Excedrin. try it next time. (’cause there will be a next time.)

  2. nightskyspy on

    Curaheen park sounds like fun. It must be nice to meet up in a group and get away from some home responsibilities despite some bad after-effects. Sorry to hear about your “morning sickness” though.
    Visiting Curaheen Park is on my TO DO list. Shame I have never been there (having been in Cork for years and a half). everything got postponed until I take my last exam.

  3. admin on

    Yes it’s fun, but for the corporate section you need to bring a few people with you. Normally we would prefer to be outside by the track, but we said we’d all go and treat ourselves. I find it a lot more fun to watch the serious betters and the bookies in action. Makes picking a likely dog much easier.

  4. Lovegod on

    Ah the morning after the night before and the resolutions “never to drink again!”

    Hope you’ve copied those words so you can paste them into your future blogs when necessary!

    And to be hurried along to get yourself ready for mass when nursing a sore head too!

    Great stuff…keep on posting, very entertaining!

  5. admin on

    laurie: it’s ALWAYS worth it once you can remember back and laugh about it. One of those nights when sometime in the future it will come up in conversation like: “Do you remember the night when we were at the dogs…”.
    I drank a liter of water on the way home on the bus (I came prepared), and Solpadine in the morning. Didn’t help much. I think tiredness had a lot to do with it though. I need to sleep more.

    Lovegod: I’ve said it lots of times before, but it never works. Moderation would be the key, but when everyone is enjoying themselves …

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