With Cheese Please

Number 474 (aka Metro Star Sue) calved a week ago, a fine big bull calf too. She would not stand steady for me when she calved in order to milk her, so I brought her into the parlor and took the colostrum from her for her baby … and some extra in case some other poor calf needed it. So today, a skittish heifer calved without much milk for her baby, and I went for the stored colostrum (In the square bucket under the sink). What I found was just bizarre. It seems to have turned into cheese over the week. It had the consistency of a very soft cheese, and smelled pungent like Ardrahan Farmhouse Cheese which is made about ten miles from here.

Me or my dad have never seen anything like this before. It will usually just go bad and so we’d throw it out. When I think a little more the solids content can get up over 30% (as opposed to the normal 11%) after calving, but fat still seems too low to me. I didn’t taste it, but maybe I should out of pure curiosity.

Anyway, to solve the problem for our poor calf, we went to the freezer and defrosted some we had put away back in February.

Also: Laurie, as for putting more photo’s in my posts, I’ll have to start digging into the archive for the moment, ‘cos my new camera is out of order. The battery won’t charge for me … now just to find that guarantee!!!


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  1. admin on

    whahooh. After trying to find what was up with my damned camera, i decided to try taking out the battery, clean the contacts, and putting it back in. It worked 🙂 Isn’t that so typical.

  2. admin on

    okay, I got brave and remembered to taste the “cheese” this evening. I didn’t have a load on a slice of bread or anything, just a small bit at the end of my tongue. It did have the basic cheese flavor, BUT lacked texture, and was very acidic. I think I’ll leave cheese making to the experts in future!

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