Asthma and Drinking Raw Milk

Physorg have an article today titled Drinking farm milk reduces childhood asthma and allergies but raw consumption remains unsafe. Now this kind of article runs a bit close to the bone for me because I’ve always drank raw milk and It never did seem to do us any harm.

I could have told them this a long time ago. Farm kids tend to be a lot healthier than kids from the cities and it has been well documented for years and years. All this study is doing is formally documenting anecdotal evidence (the same place that modern medicine has garnered most of its drugs from).
For years the media has worried about how sparkling clean everything should be. Clean and hygienic they say. I’ve consistently told my brother and his wife to let the children out in the mud. Let them meet as many children as they possibly can. Instead they did the opposite, nurturing them at home without much outside contact. They’re paying for it now. The first went to school a few months back and she is bringing home bugs every second week, and they all get it then 😦 I think they’ve copped on at this stage.

Call me Mr. Rough if you wish, but our bodies are designed to live rough like the hunter gatherers did up to only a few thousand years ago. How our bodies work has not changed as quickly as we have changed our lifestyle.On raw milk being also dangerous, well if you’re not used to it, then do not drink it. My intestines are well used to the E-coli / staph / strep bacteria that come in milk. My body is used to them and will kill them there and then. However we do not usually let any visitors drink raw milk, because even we recognize that they could get sick.


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  1. nightskyspy on

    that is unfortunate for the city kids not to be able to get out there – “into the mud.” I as lucky enough to be able to and I used to watch my grandma milk the cow. She would then bring the bucket full of milk into the kitchen, the milk was still warm and with foam on top. I would drink it then – the best taste, the best milk ever. As you wrote though, people nowadays are not used to drinking it raw.

  2. admin on

    i’m not a fan of body temperature milk from the cow … but i really do like skimming the foam off the top after it has been cooled. mmmmm creamy. at a guess i’d say it’s 3% fat, 95% air … so it isn’t that fattening :))

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