Bad Things happen in Threes

I am totally and utterly drained. The last day or so has left me having to take a step back and look at things from a different view. I do that when things start to go wrong. First yesterday we had two cows get mastitis out of nowhere. We were having a good year of it, and hadn’t seen a case in six weeks, and all of a sudden two. This makes me worry as to what is to come. Hopefully it’ll all calm down again and things will go back to normal. Then yesterday evening we had a heifer calving and well she was taking too long about things, so I checked her out and I knew straight away that we were in trouble. calf coming backwards, and the calf just didn’t seem right at all. So I got the vet and he came to the same conclusion as me: that there was something very wrong going on, but couldn’t make it out properly. So we opted for a caeserian section (very uneconomical but better to save their lives rather than to see them both die in pain). We’ve been through the procedure maybe three years ago, so it was nothing new really. It took about two hours in total. Lots of blood, and a stomach that kept wanting to escape out the side of the cow:( Anyway, we brought the calf, and it was alive, but we knew immediately there was no hope. It’s joints on it’s hind legs were fused, and one joint was turned backwards. Plus, it’s hind legs were broken in multiple places too. The poor calf didn’t last long. Only a few minutes, It was a great ease to the suffering that it could have had.Mommy is good today and is back out on pasture eating happily. She’ll be fine but sore. Finished up at 3am.

On top of all that i’ve had to contend with grief here at home from the brother, it’s leaving me more than a little annoyed, but enough about that.
So there’s three. Hopefully it’ll finish at that, and life can return to normal. I’m physically and emotionally sapped for now. Sleep is the only thing for me at this stage so here’s to a long night tonight.

update 9pm: more new mastitis tonight. there must be something fundamental wrong somewhere. this should not happen. hmmm tomorrow will be a day of search and testing for the problem.


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