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I know that I’ve not written much anything in the last few days. that should change over this weekend. I’ve been busy doing other things, and also trying to set things up as I would like here on my wordpress blog. I’m picking up bits and pieces as i go which is good.

For now I need to go to bed.

This post was going to be a test post to see if the feedburner email subscription (at the bottom of the sidebar on the right) actually works. It is too, but i’ll leave what i’ve written above there.


This is my left hand taken a few days ago. Rough???

Okay … there’s a few minor welts, but it could be a lot worse …. it used to be much worse a few years ago, but I copped on. It’s actually very hard to take a good picture of both your hands at the same time without getting your head or shoulder in the way. I failed to manage and only got a hand and a half at best!! Some other time when the sun is shining again … it could be a few days by the look of the weather.


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