Swallows nest: Day 1 (Saturday)

Every year in spring we wait in anticipation at the arrival of our swallows. We allow them pretty much free run of the farmyard to nest where they want. I don’t mind the mess at all because of the benefits that they bring here. Most notably the fact that they kill so many flies and insects, and also because it’s wonderful to just stop and look at them whizzing about the place. They are so fast and agile and have the ability to turn on a six pence. They started arriving this year in the middle of April, only a few at first until eventually I think the majority arrived rather later at the start of May. I think we’re back a few this year but not to worry, once the young start getting out and about, there’ll be a nasty surprise in store for all those winged insects.

But arrive they did and now they’ve also started breeding. There is always this one nest in the garage where we park the black car, up on top of the shelving


Perched on top of a rack of shelves, just under the ceiling, and onto an old Dolby speaker


Using an old car wing mirror, you can see the young ones in the nest

From the picture of the nest above (taken Saturday), there are three young ones in the nest. They have a very light fur, are blind and are tiny. To get an idea of how small they are, compare them to the size of my fingers at the edge of the picture. I had looked into the nest for the first time on Friday, and there were four eggs there. Maybe there’s a fourth lad underneath the other bodies, we’ll see later … or maybe one just didn’t make it.

I’ll try to get a picture of mommy and daddy, but they’re hard to get as they move so quickly. At night and under artificial light when they’re perched up high is the best time because they don’t like flying in the dark.

I’ll also try to take pictures every other day to keep ye updated so that ye can see how they’re growing. It should be interesting, as i’ve never really had the chance to look into the nest on a regular basis. Usually they’re in too awkward a place.


3 comments so far

  1. laurie on

    oh, wow, cool pictures. we have had cardinals nesting in the trees right outside our front door, but i’ve never seen the babies.

  2. admin on

    i’ve never seen them so young either. they’re usually chirping by the time i have a look in. When I looked in yesterday, the one on top kinda stood up. Big black (closed) eyes and tiny featherless wings, and it just lay back down again. It was just fantastic, but i wanted to be gone before mommy and daddy came back.

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