Swallows Nest: Mommy and Daddy

I said I’d send a picture of the parents of the little baby swallows in the nest, but the only time I could take a picture was at night time when they are unable to fly because of a lack of light. So I went out to the garage tonight armed with my camera and this is probably the best one I ended up with. I was only about four feet away from them, so the camera only focused on the back wall, but you get my drift. This is what they do at night time … nothing much other than try to look innocuous! Looks like one of them got kicked out of the nest. I guess HE must have been sent to the doghouse 🙂 .



2 comments so far

  1. laurie on

    wow. i love it.
    you should set up a webcam.
    we can watch ’em grow.

  2. admin on

    hi laurie. Hmmm, I don’t have a webcam, anyway how would I get the video back into the house! I do have video on my camera, so maybe i can try to take a few clips and stick them up on youtube. I’ll see if i can get it to work. give me a chance and i’ll see if i can make a go of it. It should be fairly simple though (in theory)

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