Swallows Nest: Day 4

Where’s the other one gone to??? Yesterday there were fourin the nest. Now there’s only three. Hopefully it’s only buried nice and warm under the others. They seem to have grown a lot since yesterday even.


I had a WOW experience this afternoon as I was putting up an fence out in one of the fields. I heard a strange noise in the distance behind me. I turned around, listened and heard it again but it was too far away to know what it was … so I carried on with what I was doing. I heard it again, and louder and from a different angle this time, so into the distance and saw and heard something I had never seen before. It went COOK-OOH COOK-OOH. A pair of cuckoos were flying north directly over my head. I’ve only heard stories that they were once common years ago. It made my day.

The Cuckoo


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  1. laurie on

    how cool. do you ever listen to RTE? they used to have a nature show called “shank’s mare.” one of the episodes was about the curlew, which used to be everywhere in ireland but is now nearly gone. it’s a great program. you can still find it on iTunes. i load it into my iPod for walks with Riley and Boscoe. you’d like it.

  2. shep on

    we don’t have any curlew’s on our farm because we don’t have marsh / bog. I usually see them once a year when we are in the bog (about 5 miles from here) drawing in turf for my uncle.
    shanks mare finished last year. i heard it a few times when i was in the tractor (of all the places) … but i would not have been a regular listener. the local radio station 103FM is on here most of the time. RTE hardly gets a look in.

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