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HB Ice Cream Sunday


Monster Ice Cream in Rough Hand

Last Sunday was HB Ice Cream Sunday in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland. There was a small ice cream party in our small local community center (the school as we call it). I gave in my donation, and got this HUGE block of ice cream. Half of a full block. It was a real struggle to get it finished, it was melting and dripping and slipping and sliding … but i managed it (I never doubted my own ability).

The weather was not the best outside, so we had a chat with a band playing also. Also there too was a bouncy castle for the children inside. A nice few hours for everyone and for a worthy cause too.


New Swallows: Thurs 31st May


I see you!!! Their eyes have opened. It’s weird that they have now started to react to my movements. Not really moving around (they’ve no space for that), but you can see the heads turning, just slightly …. and heads ducking if I get too close. And wow too, look at those feathers glow. The wing you can see on the right is getting bigger and bigger. I think the nest is getting kinda dirty too. Young ones!

I noticed last night too that mommy was no longer resting in the nest at night time. She’s sitting on the edge of the nest. I guess there’s too much poking and prodding Dad’s been banished altogether. He’s found comfort on a nice spot on top of some spare rolled up wire a few feet away.


Sorry again for not updating over the last few days … but these retrospective ones will hopefully make up for lost time.

New Swallows: Tuesday 29th May


It’s all very quiet up there today. Maybe they’re content with themselves. The little guy on the left looks like it’s got a smile on its face.

I think they have like pointier beaks again. The first sign of real feathers are beginning to grow…. and is there a hint that those tiny eyelids are beginning to open???? But, that downy hair is still stopping me from seeing them properly. I need a bigger mirror, but nothing bigger will fit!

New Swallows: Sunday 27th may

Getting into the car this morning at about 8:15am I got a nice surprise. I heard a faint chirp chirp sound coming from the nest. I looked up and two of the youngsters were sticking their beaks up looking for food. I guess they heard the noise, and i don’t think mommy and daddy were doing much good hunting this morning cos it’s been raining all morning.

I’ve missed photo’s on the Friday and Saturday, so as you can see, their bodies havereally blackened up, their beaks have become longer and space is beginning to get tight in the nest.


Nesting Swallows: :((

I promised a few people i’d have updated pictures of the swallows up tonight. Unfortunately, it ain’t going to happen. The brother has commandeered my main computer, so I’ve been relegated to the ten-year-old gateway, which is only used for emergencies. I literally had to dust off the cobwebs and pray that it would chug along… and my pictures are on the other computer … and I haven’t managed to get the network working properly L so no pictures again tonight. It is now high on my list of priorities.
Anyway, they’re all going fine. But I think mommy and daddy are burning the edges of their wings trying to feed the quadruplets.