New Swallows: Thurs 31st May


I see you!!! Their eyes have opened. It’s weird that they have now started to react to my movements. Not really moving around (they’ve no space for that), but you can see the heads turning, just slightly …. and heads ducking if I get too close. And wow too, look at those feathers glow. The wing you can see on the right is getting bigger and bigger. I think the nest is getting kinda dirty too. Young ones!

I noticed last night too that mommy was no longer resting in the nest at night time. She’s sitting on the edge of the nest. I guess there’s too much poking and prodding Dad’s been banished altogether. He’s found comfort on a nice spot on top of some spare rolled up wire a few feet away.


Sorry again for not updating over the last few days … but these retrospective ones will hopefully make up for lost time.


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  1. laurie on

    oh gosh what a great picture. thanks! i love it.

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