HB Ice Cream Sunday


Monster Ice Cream in Rough Hand

Last Sunday was HB Ice Cream Sunday in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland. There was a small ice cream party in our small local community center (the school as we call it). I gave in my donation, and got this HUGE block of ice cream. Half of a full block. It was a real struggle to get it finished, it was melting and dripping and slipping and sliding … but i managed it (I never doubted my own ability).

The weather was not the best outside, so we had a chat with a band playing also. Also there too was a bouncy castle for the children inside. A nice few hours for everyone and for a worthy cause too.


4 comments so far

  1. laurie on

    that ice cream must be about melted by now, eh?

  2. lisab on

    i discovered this through the fantasy football blog! nice work, farmer cash! any updates in the offing?

  3. nightskyspy on

    it is good that you are back 🙂 will i see the photos of the swallows soon?

  4. shep on

    oh nightskyspy, i don’t know about any new updates here. I have lots of photos of the swallows of course but i just had no time to put them up. regardless of that, I am creating a new blog at the moment, and will maybe put the pictures there.
    I will have to give it a new identity, because i don’t think that i want to be found to be honest. I liked my little space where nobody knew who i was, and it also afforded me the chance to be who i liked too!

    unfortunately, i can’t find my blog password now, though the site is there all the same. there may be another way to get in, but for the moment i have other things to do with my time. my g/f is taking up lots of my spare time, so she is to blame somewhat for me not blogging much in the last few months

    so if you want to get the address of my new blog…. please email me at “farmer cash DELETETHIS [ at ] gmail . com” . Of course you must remove the ‘DELETETHIS’ and the spaces and the [ at ] should be @ to get my correct email address. I do this to stop my email address getting onto other spam lists.
    it’s bad enough that i get 50 plus spam messages per day without getting more. at least gmail gets rid of them all so i never have to see them thankfully.

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