My Previous Life as a Blogger

Well I’m not really a newbie to blogging at all. I used to have my own personal blog site, which was all about me really, but i think it got too personal … and then one of my friends found it, and well i suppose i got the piss taken out of me a little, so i no longer posted anything to it. Well lots of views there, and lots of pics, which i suppose gave the game away. So this is my latest incarnation of a personal blog and i’m going to try to keep it anonymous if at all possible. My friend N has a blog too and she has managed to keep it as anonymous as she possibly could. but it’s easier for her. She’s a stranger in a foreign land, writing in her adapted tongue, so it’s unlikely that anyone is going to find out who she is. It took me a long time to break her, and to reveal her identity … but it was worth it when i did 🙂
Anyway, enough about my ranting and raving for now. Best to say that i’m starting to blog again because my work is easing off at this time of the year. I will see what happens. I think i have the motivation for the moment, just to go and do it and walk away from it.

Update:  well I hummed and hawed … and finally I have made the move of the old blog onto this blog. So, most of the posts before the “First” post is from the old blog. The new stuff is not as personal as the last one, but i hope to change that soon enough, as I begin to take my camera out with me again, and as I have more time too.


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