Sleepless Nights :(

For the last while I’ve been sleeping fairly poorly, maybe getting four hours a night. That I know is really bad for me. So i’ve been feeling weak and dreary and now I’ve had a flu a few weeks ago, and I have a cold now. It’s so infuriating to be honest … because usually I’m not sick at all … ever. but here I am struggling along, going from day to day … so I changed my routine last night.
I sleep away from home every now and again, and i always sleep so well, that the following morning is absolutely great. I feel wonderful … but that soon changes once i get back home again … I get into my routine of late to bed, and then unable to sleep, but then i have to get up at 7am for work (or some time around that if i can)
I went back to one pillow and slept on the other side: half on my stomach, half on my side. ohhhh, O feel great this morning.

I read this and it did help me a bit alright, I suppose it gave me food for thought really:


“The aim here is to have your head in a straight line with your spine. Actually, that’s the aim with all sleeping positions. It’s just not achievable with stomach sleeping, which is why that position is frowned on. Because of the breadth of the shoulders, if you are on your side you need a pillow to keep your head from falling down into the mattress — and out of alignment with the spine. (Picture what happens when you fall asleep on a plane and your unsupported head slumps to the side. Ouch.)

“The real job of a pillow for a side sleeper is to fill in the indentation between the top of the shoulder and the ear and to support the head so it’s in that straight line. It requires a pillow with some form, but it’s got to be the right form. Down is luxurious and expensive, but it doesn’t hold its shape through a night and Lapenskie says he doesn’t recommend it. Nor is he a fan of cheaper pillows crammed with chunks of foam.

“So I would say look for a high quality synthetic fill.”

I’m a happy bunny. Now just to get rid of this darned cold. Ahhhhh, nothing is ever simple is it 🙂


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