A Higher Milk Price :)

You know prices for dairy products have been on a downward spiral since I took over the pad here over six years ago. My parents thought we were still in the early nineties when they couldn’t believe the proce they were getting for their milk … but that all faded away quickly, and farmers have been finding it harder and harder to survive. In reality it has been the little guys that have been going out of business … lured by better paying jobs and better holidays in the regular labour force.
So it has been with great delight that the price of milk has increased greatly since last year or any other year before that if you want to be truthful! But things don’t change here to be honest. We have been making a healthy profit as long as i’ve been around. My secret is that i don’t spend much on anything really, The infrastructure has been in place for twenty years, and hasn’t fallen apart yet anyway (hopefully of course it will stay that way!). So our milk price has risen by about 50% … so here’s me being smug … but it’s not going to change me, because i above most people know that money means nothing.
Someone famous (but i can’t remember who) said: ” I hope that the last cheque i write before i die bounces”. 🙂

From:The Irish Farmers Journal


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