Sick Again :(

Oh, I don’t really know what has come over me these last few weeks. Struck down with a flu two weeks ago, but not bedridden at the time because it was not deemed bad enough … so I struggled on milking the cows and doing whatever really needed doing. So i thought I was well on the road to recovery last week … and then this week too. But Tuesday night came, and lo and behold it started again, only this time many times worse than before. So now I should have been in bed since yesterday, but I had to pick the brother up from the airport. That was the worst thing that I could have done. Today was the pits. Stuck in bed all day long … itching to get out, while people all around me carried on with their daily life and chores. It is so frustrating for me, a person that is always doing something, always going. (There is no rest for a farmer, and then the family, and then the sport).

So it has all stopped today. I got to read half a book (The Life of Pi) today, and to be honest it was great, because I can rarely get time to do that sort of stuff normally. But on the flip-side, the young lads (U13 soccer) were not trained this evening, and we’ve a full house for the weekend (up from three to seven), so I’m not happy at missing out.

I’m also trying not to overdose on paracetamol which would be preferable for my poor liver, as well as protect the rest of my ailing body.

Tomorrow morning hopefully, I will be up bright and early to my girls, and life will continue as nothing has happened. I live in hope … but tomorrow is coming quick!


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