The Miranda Complex

Apparently women that have large pay packets have problems finding men to stick around, because men still think of themselves as the bread winners of the family, and their role is being undermined by these high-flying women.

So much so that they hide their payslips, dress down, hide designer shopping bags, and say they’re air stewardesses (among other things) when they go to bars … so as not to frighten prospective men away. The report is from New York … but seeing as we’re not far behind them really, then it funny enough to read.

I think about how it would affect me. I wonder because my girlfriends sister is in a similar position, and is I think struggling to come to terms with it. I have been told that he does not think that he is adequate for her … thought i have not met him yet. It’s hard to know how I would react to be honest. Methinks that as long as I would be able to keep myself busy and that we could work as a team, well that would be the main thing wouldn’t it.

From: The Irish Independant – Lifestyle


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  1. laurie on

    hmmm. i wouldn’t mind collecting a big pay packet for a while, and seeing how it affected my relationships….

  2. Rough Hands on

    laurie, your real wealth is in your health, your family and your friends. money is just something that we all need to keep things going, but i don’t think it’s important. all the same i am not naive and know that it can and does cause problems in real life situations

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