What Women Want

I came across a very interesting article on social policy on women in Ireland and how our current policy is structured towards thos 30% of women who want to work outside the home and the 7% who think that having their children in a creche is the best for their children! Basically it comes to the conclusion that women are a diverse lot and they all want different things and find security in different things, and their opinion changes as they move through their lives. Oh course most men could have told you this a long time ago, cos God only knows what is going through the head of a woman! 😉 But anyway, it’s worth a read:

If an Irish politician wants to know what women want, he or she would be much better off treating women as they want to be treated, that is, as a varied group with different wants at different times in their lives, and to design social policy to cater to those different wants. A one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t wash.

From the Irish Independant: www.independent.ie


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