I’ve arrived

Having upped my goods lock stock an barrel from my previous blog, I have arrived at my destination. The flower above best symbolizes to me my reawakening (hopefully). It is so vivid and full of colour, and its petals are opened wide like arms outstretched welcoming a dear old friend.

It is much better, warmer and happier than my picture (below)that I put on my old blog when leaving there. Sad to go, but a whole lot of time ahead of me all the same.

sadness on departure

You’ll know when you’ve seen the above picture, if you’ve arrived at the right place or not!


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  1. […] You know the flower here is surprisingly similar to the one that I posted weeks ago: https://cowdunghands.wordpress.com/2007/10/10/ive-arrived/. I wonder if they are of the same […]

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