Au Revoir, Slán go Fóil, Pa Pa, Goodbye


Waving goodbye to the loved one departing for faraway shores

My aunt from Los Angeles has been visiting us for the last three weeks, so it was with a degree of sadness that we said our farewells this morning as she headed off on the long trip up to Dublin first, and flying out first thing tomorrow morning.

My dad comes from a big family of eleven children and they all come back here to the home place from time to time, but this aunt hasn’t been home in eighteen years. A quiet woman in her own way, not really bothering anyone, always smiling, always helpful and always willing to give anything a go. Not married, and recently retired, her love in life have been her pets which she keeps in the apartment. Last count before she left were two dogs, six cats and a dozen birds … and to make matters worse, she lives with her sister 🙂

I had just gotten used to the extra soul in the house when now she has gone again. Somehow you seem to refuse to think that the day is coming and that she will be gone. It’s an ever changing environment that we live in here, but her company was nice, it refreshed me because she talked about things and did not cast judgment on me (well openly anyway). A staunch Republican too, but was able to see the faults with her own leaders, and was not blinded by her convictions. She says that she misses the seasons in LA, but here she was freezing at 18C … and us in t-shirts complaining of the heat 🙂 You can’t please everyone.

My mum passed the nicest comment about her though … that she’d prefer her big toe over some others that happen to call here.

So parting came this morning, there were no tears on the outside, but on the inside there were some. The obvious regrets that I didn’t do more to enhance her stay, but what is done now is done. She is gone, but hopefully not for good. She may return again sometime, because she enjoyed her stay and the change from routine. We would love to have her back again. Or maybe I will stay a few days while going to the other side of the world like I did 4 years ago.
Go n-eiri an bothar leat …… which is the Irish for: May the road rise up before you, OR … have a safe trip


2 comments so far

  1. laurie on

    how nice that you are so fond of your aunt.
    i adore my nephews–especially the slacker 20-something skateboard dude with the dry sense of humor.
    hey, he lives in california (though not LA). maybe he could go be surrogate nephew to your aunt.

  2. CowDungHands on

    i think she has enough with her cats and dogs and birds!
    But yeah, she sort of grew on me while she was here, but it took her a little time to find here feet too.

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