Body found in Slurry Pit

News breaking this evening that a body of a person has been found in a slurry pit on a farm in West Cork, not too far from here. It is not thought to be the farmer or anyone working there, so it appears that someones body got dumped in there. Oh, that is so bad really. It could happen to me if someone came in the middle of the night and opened one of the hatches to the slurry pit, and threw someone in … well god only knows how it would turn out!

It makes me remember back to maybe around 1980 when I was a young nipper, and a sheep from some neighboring farm wandered into our yard, and made its own way into our open slurry pit (god be with the days of no health and safety). All we could see for months was these two horns looking up at you, but we weren’t going in after it, lest we suffer the same fate ourselves! So when we were emptying out the slurry some months later, all we found was bones and fleece. Nature was very efficient.

This now this is on top of quite a few deaths of farmers while at work lately. It’s a worrying trend … and It will obviously end up with more inspections and more rules and regulations to follow.

There isn’t much news on the story yet, but maybe tomorrow there will be something new, and I’ll update this page if there is any more news.

Update (12 oct): It turns out that he was a member of the “traveling community” (being oh so politically correct). The rest of his clan fled the area some weeks ago after the alleged assault was to have taken place during a late night party. It is such a shame that these people lead such a rough life. Their life expectancy is fairly short too … being only about forty or so. Ahhhh, they don’t bother me here too much so my feelings aren’t too strong about them at all.

Here’s more from the today’s Irish Independent.

Update (12 Oct 11pm): Okay, more change again. I must apologise for my mistake above. He was what is termed as a “New Age Traveller“. Basically a commune of hippies. Usually a harmless enough bunch, but obviously not in this instance. But the gardai have opened a murder investigation because the post-mortem results say that he died of “head injuries”.

Update (13 Oct): They have arrested three women in Dublin. God only knows how they found them up there, but that’s what has happened. I think this story is going to quieten down from here on in.

We’re used to hearing of murders in the cities, but out in the country it’s a rarity. Maybe after you hear about enough of them, you become cold and heartless.


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  1. Laurie on

    just be glad you’re not the guy who found it.

  2. rough hands on

    Yes I am glad it was not me that found him … but to be honest, I don’t think i’d realise it until i started pulling out clothes or bones, because down there, everything is mixed into a soup before spreading by a giant blender if you will. I would never ever stick my head down in there, so unless something got choked by a foreign object, i’d never know anything was there 😦

  3. Barbara Taylor on

    Maybe you should also be glad that he wasnt someone that you knew or loved!! he was the father of my children and yesterday I had to tell them that their dad had been murdered and dumped. The worst day of my life up till now, although I’m sure that it will only get worse from here on in!!!

  4. rough hands on

    Barbara, I am sorry to hear of your loss, and of course I am happy it is not one of my family, but all the callous killing I hear about now just makes my heart sink. Any time I hear of someone getting killed, well anywhere, I realise that it affects so many innocent people in the background, and they are the ones that will have to deal with all the problems from here on in.
    But these things just happen, and with all to regular frequency. What can we do but try to promote a more tolerant and understanding society for each other.
    I feel guilty having written about the topic now, because I suppose I never expected loved ones to be reading it (well I never even considered it to be honest). I suppose I looked at it only from my point of view, and not from the point of view of those caught up in the whole mess. It is maybe a lesson for me, and I will try to remember this for the future.


    Rough hand’s n rough word’s..yes i agree that you should engage you’re brain before you say these thing’s!!i acctually know the guy you are talking about “callousley”in the above & i happen to know that to know this guy was to love him,as we all did here i happen to know that he has two georgouse beatiful daughter’s who have got to listen to the like’s of people like you who get a kick out of cussing off people they don’t know anything about!!we all feel very sickened by the TRAGIC new’s anyway and more so by the fact that someone could be so cold about it n knowing fulll well that he must have a family & friend’s …..i hope that this is a lesson learned to you & that you will stop to think about the people left behind in these situation’s -he was like a son to us ..& i hope people will let him REST IN PEACE never judge people !!!he was not a low life,he came from a very nice well to do family & went to pirvate school,but he decided that this was the life he wanted to lead as he new that money was not everything!

  6. rough hands on

    Jane: again I’m sorry about your loss, and I can understand your anger … but I find i have to defend myself from your words, because if you read the article properly you’ll see that i didn’t say a single word about him or his character, and I definitely did not curse him. How could I because I never knew him or or anyone belong to him?
    …and ‘callous’ was of the murderer(s). I’m sure you don’t have a problem with that.
    And you know, when I wrote the post first, I was very careful not to say anything about the victim because only that morning, my girlfriend had told me that where she comes from, there is a saying that “one does not say bad things about the deceased”. We pretty much have the same ideals here, whether you believe it or not.

  7. nightskyspy on

    With respect for those affected by this tragic loss, I must say I do not understand such a blatant attack on their part on someone who decided to write a post on this terrible event, someone who did not judge the deceased person himself but expressed his opinions and worry over the increasing number of deaths at farms and, in general, touched on the issue of crime. While I understand the anger, the sense of loss, the hurt and other emotions that people feel when their beloved, their friends are no longer with them, I do not understand the accusations against “rough hands” here. I am sure he did not deserve this lashing out.
    “one does not say bad things about the deceased”. He does not.
    So, yes, let the man rest in peace and, Jane, do not judge people you do not know – either the deceased or those who are still alive.
    I am sorry you suffered such a loss and my sympathy goes out to you, Barbara Taylor, and the two daughters as well.

  8. becki-jo bull on

    hi this is garry bulls daughter “nightskyspy” nobody was being horrible to rough hands they were just expresssing there feeling and how would he feel if someone else rote something like he rote about his familt or friend? i do understand that this is what he does and it just so happened that my mum came across this when she was serching the internet about my farther murder. i dnt think what my mum or janes comments have got anything at all to do with you they are speaking to rough hands. and rough hand please dont feel that they are being horrible or what ever you want to call it they are just expressing there feelings. i am glad that next time you write something you will think abit more about it. i unerstand that you are just telling us what you make of the situation and please dont take this comment as an insult to you rough hands .i respect that you didnt not think at all that any of his family or friends would be reading this. dont worry about it

  9. rough hands on

    hi becki-jo: my condolences and sorry about your dad, it is a horrible thing to have happened to anyone.
    Thank you for your sensible and balanced comment. I hope you are able to come to terms with everything that has happened, and move on with your own life. It is probably hard to think of that now, but in the long run that is what is important. take care, i wish you well.

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