Shooting the Dog

This is my dog Shep. He’s getting old (18) and is a bit of a grump, and only wants to be left alone. He’s really no good to us on the farm any more, and he’s chased enough cows in his time, so my dad has decided that his day is up and we need to bring the rifle to him and put him out of his misery…

Hah, only joking! I could never do such a thing to a pet and a friend. Yes, he’s 18 years old, a loyal dog, a good worker, an alert guard (day and night), nimble (though feigns a sore knee every now and again and forgets all about it if there is a bird to chase), still good to kill the odd rabbit, but going a tad insane at the same time.

But my problem is that I can not shoot a good photo of him. I think that he thinks the camera is some strange new kind of gun that I have. When do we pull the gun out every now and again, he scampers for cover … most normally inside in the house where he never goes … and is not allowed, and will not come out for hours. A lifetime of this has thought him to be wary of the gun. I suppose that he may have been blinded by the odd flash from the camera in the past, and he thought that it was not worth sticking around for more. Maybe he has cataracts or something and it affects his eyes badly … hmmm I had not thought about that before.

Now all I get when I pull out my camera is a side eye, or a picture of him as he turns away and heads for cover. Not the lad that comes up to me with a big smile on his face looking for a rub, a kiss … and a cut of bread!


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  1. laurie on

    oh my god my heart was in my throat when i read your first paragraph! damn you!

    glad to hear shep is doing well at 18. boscoe is 12 and we worry all the time that he won’t live much longer (i think because my toby died at 12). but actually he’s doing great. we went on a hiking vacation a couple of weeks ago and he kept right up with us on the 8-mile hikes. though he has learned to pace himself. (unlike riley, who continues to dash around in the underbrush after squirrels and chipmunks)

    i love that picture of shep. it’s more subtle than if, you know, the head were attached.

  2. rough hands on

    laurie: Sorry about that 😉
    I’m amazed he’s lasting so long, but he’s fit and eats everything … his diet is primarily food from the house, milk from the parlor, complete dog nuts to make up enough … and of course anything at ground level that either can’t defend itself or isn’t quick enough to get away. I’ll keep him as long as he’s still tickin’.
    I will introduce him properly when I manage a nice picture of him sometime.

  3. laurie on

    boscoe’s partial to goose poop. but i can’t say that it’s the secret to his good health.

  4. rough hands on

    On reading why dogs eat poop, it has do do with finding minerals in the herbivores poop.
    It doesn’t make it any less disgusting all the same when they come up to you and try to lick your face afterwards.

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