The Midnight Raider

My aunt was woken in the middle of the night last weekend by a banging at the back of the house. Only visiting for the weekend, she was frightened by the noise, but she has a strong will, and opened the shudders and peered out to see who was there and what their business was. She waited and waited, looking out on that piece of ground that was well lit by the moonlight. The wind was blowing strongly, making a racket too, but she kept hearing the noises, but saw nothing moving. Then she realised what it was. The horse chestnuts were falling from the tree beside the house and landing on the lean-to roof (galvanize) at the back of the house. She returned to bed and slept soundly after that. In the morning, we all had a good laugh at her adventure.

But, what a crop of horse chestnuts there are this year, and example of which can be seen below. Of course they’re no good to anyone because they’re very poisonous which is unlike the sweet chestnut you can eat. They probably won’t kill you, unless you eat a lot of them, but they will make you very very sick … and i’m sure you’d never want to eat one after that.

I can’t say that I like the Horse Chestnut too much. It’s so good at spreading it’s leaves that everything underneath just dies from getting no sunlight. It is mean … so I will be mean to it in the future.

A bountiful supply of horse chestnuts and big leaves.

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