The Irish Spend more on Drink than Food

A recent article on told of how the Irish spend more on alcohol than on food. I read in amazement hoFamily of Guiness- baby pint!w we spend 6% of our income on alcohol and that: “Irish people spend more on alcohol than on food”. “Wow” I thought, that’s a bad … and the consumers have the arrogance to complain about the rising prices of food. (I hold my head in my hands at this point)

I had my suspicions though, and I remember reading an article many moons ago of how we used spend roughly 40% of our income on food in my parents generation, whereas nowadays it’s down to about 10%… so to me the figures seemed wrong.

But the same article told of how we only send 1.2% of income on dairy products (maybe this is what they mean by food prices), and a 50% rise in prices would not really affect anybody, since the numbers were so small. My probleD60-01804m though is what I would refer to as economic greed, where if the price of one product goes up, then the consumer thinks that all food goods should raise in price…. they duly do of course, making a nice little profit for the middlemen.

So, I complained that if all food prices rose by a similar margin, due to basic greed principles, then there would be very serious implications for those already living on the breadline… issues of nutrition and hunger.

Thankfully, they have in the meantime posted a new article on the unwarranted rising costs of food prices across all sectors, as something to be careful of:

However, economists here have warned that other food businesses might now piggyback on these price hikes by upping their own without due cause, on the basis that everyone else is doing it, why shouldn’t they?

So I am now worried that it is the most vulnerable in society that will be feeling the affects of these price shifts. It is most unwarranted and unwelcome.

Finally, another point 2/17/2007 cigarette butthere deserves emphasising is that we Irish spend 6% of our incomes on alcohol. Well there’s an awful lot of people in our population that drink virtually nothing, so I would not be surprised if there is a large number (maybe 10%) of the population that spend a third or more of their income on alcohol. That’s a frightening thought to be honest. Similarly, in discussing the topic today with a friend, she told me how her ex smoked forty a day (€13 for 40 ciggies), yet he complained about always being in debt. It makes the mind boggle really how people sometimes can’t see the relation between the problem and the solution.


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