Blonde Bombshell

He’s lovely isn’t he. A young virile, chubby, handsome bull. He’s got a lovely back-line with good hind quarters. The type of animal whose offspring would grow you plenty of meat. And here he is happy with loads of grass under his feet, enjoying the sunshine. There is one problem though: he’s not mine, and he’s with my friesian heifers. AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!

He’s the neighbours bull who felled the wall between our place and his. He’s the kind of bull that could throw awful big calves and destroy our poor heifers at their first calvings *sob*.

It’s not his first time coming in this year. The neighbour said that he would put a ring and a chain on him, but that never happened. The guy is in his eighties, and cannot manage the place because he is getting old, so the rest of us neighbours suffer 😦 I may spend the day tomorrow in his place fixing up the fencing again. I’ve done it lots of times before.

I was angry when i saw him there first off, but you know, it’s only a small thing, even though an annoying thing that i‘m going to loose a few hours of my time because of someone else’s negligence.

Anyway the main thing is that we found him and got him out of there before he had done too much damage. I’m hoping that all my heifers are in calf since last April/May and that it was an old cull cow bulling that was the thing that drew him in the first place.

The picture below is where he came in. He obviously wasn’t happy about just coming in a nice small corner. he needed to knock the wall down to a foot and a half for a width of ten feet before he was happy to go over. Grrrrrrrr!


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