October Weather

We had one of the worst and wettest summers we’ve had in a long time, but the weather here has been smashing since the middle of August. Everything is so easy when there is no rain, but we know that it’s never far away. I suppose really I’m afraid to say anything in case I turn the gods against me and they send a thunderstorm out of nowhere and drown us all! To be honest, we’re due it… but I don’t want to see head nor tail of it. Granted we’re supposed to get some light rain next Monday, but back to dryness again after that. Funny thing is that if the weather kept good, we’d be able to milk at least until December 1st with the cows on grass full time. But the rain will come at some stage, and send us inside and start the winter off for us.

The good weather means that the cows have been milking exceptionally well this last month. Two weeks ago, I was calculating that we’d be milking until November 15th … but because the girls are doing so well, I calculate that I’ll have my milk quota for the calendar year full on November 3rd. So the question for me is whether to take the gamble on whether there will be a super-levy fine for going over quota. Ah, I will write about that in the next few days… it is complex and sometimes difficult to judge.


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