The life of Pi

I have just finished reading the Life of Pi by Yann Martel. Not having read many books in the last few years, this was a nice one to start back with. The book is a gentle read from start to finish, and reads well. There are not too many twists and turns to be honest, and at times you’d have a good idea of what was coming up next … but I didn’t mind. It was a welcome change for me as I mostly only read magazines, papers, science journals and well, all things factual. But after reading the entire book, I am left wondering at the end: “Which is the real story, the story with the tiger or the story with the cook”. We will never know!

I’m now started reading Snow by Orhan Pamuk. It promises a lot, and will be a much longer read than Pi, and much more difficult too. But I will see and I will hold my judgment until I am finished. Again, it’s borrowed from N, who has a lot of books that I would like to read, if I can only get a chance.


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  1. laurie on

    i finished “life of pi” today, too. i have to say, i didn’t enjoy it that much in the beginning, but the second half was riveting.

    so which story do you believe? the tiger story? or the mom-and-cook story?

  2. rough hands on

    I think the mom-and-cook story was the real one, and the tiger story was just an illusion created by Pi, and used like a shield to protect his mind from the mental torture of what was happening all around him. A way of putting reality out of sight, and dealing with more acceptable form of reality. A method of self-protection for the mind.
    Then again it is fiction … though apparently based on some poor misfortunes ordeal, but I cannot find record of this on the internet. hmmm, maybe I am blind.

  3. Laurie on

    i think you’re right. but i loved the story. i loved that he had to keep the tiger alive in order to survive. whether the tiger was a literal tiger or a metaphorical one, it’s a wonderful thing either way.

    i read that the author kind of lifted the plot from a different novel that had come out about 10 years before.
    not plagiarism, exactly, but uncomfortably close.

  4. Laurie on

    ps i also loved that the japanese interrogators, who pressed for the “real” story, then acknowledged the tiger story as the true one at the end of their memo. that made me smile.

  5. rough hands on

    It was a very nice ending alright … and not expected at all.

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