Take Time to Walk

“Take time to walk through life. The faster youI Went Out Walking... run, the quicker life passes you by” – by Derrylee Carter, Cayman Islands.

Too many times people are caught up in the everyday “rush” of life. We need to take some time, slow ourselves down and appreciate the beauty on the roadside.

I feel this sometimes, others I know seem to feel this a lot. One friend has already backed away from the rush of commuter life in Dublin and come to rest down here in Cork County with his family. Already he’s much happier. He gets to see the kids every day. It got to the stage where his four year old son was asking if daddy was sleeping at home at night. Now that’s bad. I couldn’t do it. But most people in this part of the world take their time doing their things, and are not worried about rushing. I’d like to be like that, but I know that it’s only possible SOME of the time for me, and not ALL of the time. I have my responsibilities and sometimes I overstretch myself. I know it, but it’s hard to fix. Sometimes it’s just hard to say NO.


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  1. 73man on

    well put together, this post. Came here from Mulley.net.

    Time for us all to slow down I think, the roses need smelling.

  2. desperatehorsewife on

    Ah…the slow life is the sweet life, is it not?

    And…TAG…you’re it 🙂

  3. rough hands on

    Agggghhhhhh tagged…. geanie mac.

  4. nightskyspy on

    last night i finished a book “lapidarium V” by Ryszard Kapuscinski. in the last pages he writes how people have not been made for moving so fast as they are prone to these days. so i will try to take some more time to walk. taking a stroll during my lunch break today was really good.

  5. rough hands on

    Yes, only move as fast as we need to. If I had my way, I’d like to get rid of TV, cars …. oh, I could go on, but it would seem like most things in the modern world are bad for us. One wonders how much unhappier we are now that we seem to have more and more.

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