A Solution for Rough Hands

My blog is (obviously) located on wordpress.com, and they give you blog stats … and it’s interesting to look at the google searches that brought people to my site.One funny one the other day was “A solution for rough hands”. So that gets me thinking, and I’m wondering who wants rid of me? So I’ll have to stop blogging again, and get people back on my side 😉 Nooooooooo. That’s not going to happen this time again hopefully.

So how do I deal with rough hands since I’m in a physical job. These are a few points:

  • When milking, wear gloves. It may seem obvious but so many people I know do not do this. It’s usually okay in the summer when the water is hot, but for the rest of the year, I find that coming in contact with cold water, and chemicals are very harsh on the hands. A few years ago when I was not wearing gloves, my hands used to crack and were very sore and unsightly. So I got sense, and found that wearing latex or nitrite gloves does not dim the sense of touch (which is very necessary for milking) too much, and my hands are pretty good.
  • When doing physical work, wear gloves. This will stop blistering and severe welts forming. It does not need to be explained, but is overlooked a lot of the time. Any old glove that is thick enough and still allows a good grip is good enough.
  • Use moisturizers. Unmanly as they may be, they do help. Now don’t get the ones that will make you smell like a summer garden of flowers, just a simple one that will do the job quietly.
  • When it gets cold, wear thermal gloves.

Ah, you know what I’m saying. Wearing the correct type of gloves will save your hands. If they are in a bad condition, it doesn’t take long to get them back into shape. Maybe three of four weeks.

It’s simple advice, but all too easily neglected.


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