Autumn Hydranges

With a shrill blow of the breeze, one knows that the autumn is here with a vengeance. Until last Sunday the temperatures were good, the air was calm and the sun was shining. While most other flowers on the plant have faded and withered and faded, this Hydrangea flower survives and sticks out like a sore thumb. It is not very colourful, maybe that is a reason why.

In the background the beech and sycamore leaves build up on the drive to the front gate. It is a lovely sight, but when it comes to cleaning up the whole mess … oh, someone help me please me. When that golden wet mush that sticks to the ground, it’s so hard to move.


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  1. laurie on

    that is a lovely picture. that one oddly-spring-colored flower amidst all the russets of autumn.

    it’s autum here, too. it’s 33 degrees this morning (F) and the air is very crisp. but the sun will come out later on, and it’ll warm up to the mid-50s. and then riley and i will walk and walk and walk.

  2. rough hands on

    It was about 30F here last night, with a thick frost on the windscreen of the car, and a heavy fog that was coming and going. We don’t normally get any very bright reds and yellows in the autumn, because we rarely get frost. Usually all the leaves go in one big blow, or else they’re going to just get a soaking, and the weight of the rainwater brings them down in a big mush.
    This year is nice, because the colourful dry leaves are blowing all around the place.

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