My friends D&M are getting married this Saturday. But they are lucky that is is all still going according to plan. Last Tuesday at 7:15am, M headed off on the normal 40 minute drive to work, her second last day with not much on her mind but the wedding. As she drove along, she noticed a slight smell in the car, she didn’t really identify what it was. It got stronger and realised that it was the smell of petrol. This worried her, but she drove on, mindful that it was still fairly dark and cold outside, besides having only countryside all around her and nobody else on the road. It got worse still, so she opened the window and carried on. She made work, and went inside. Rang a local garage who came out to see what the problem was.

Their conclusion was that she was lucky to be alive. One of her beloved cats had bitten a small hole in the fuel line, and under pressure, the petrol was leaking. They said that if she had stopped the car, and reignited the engine, that the car would have gone up in fire. She shivered, and could not work with the thought for the rest of the day.
She’s a lucky girl, and we hope everything goes swimmingly from now until Saturday. Swimmingly to us is golf this afternoon, followed by a game of ball and last drinks tonight *sob* (another good man down). Oh, leisurely life of a farmer :).
Note: There will be more on the wedding tomorrow morning, well not the wedding really, just my small part in getting them together.


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