A Big Day Out

My friends M&D are to wed today, three years to the day since they first met. They are a very nice couple and have mellowed a lot since they first met. They are inseparable you might say.

I am glad to say that I had a small hand in getting them together that fateful weekend three years ago. I had gotten an invite from my friend C to her birthday party in Limerick, and she added that there would be lots of single girls there (She had told her friends we were coming … but said we were not their type). That was bait enough for a single man.

I had mentioned the party to the lads a few weeks before it was to take place. They seemed eager to go and chance their luck. The evening of the party, and of course everyone had forgotten it was happening, I suddenly thought of it and made some frantic phone calls around. DMc was willing, two more were doing other things, and D was at the bog and feeling lazy. I pushed him a bit … and he gave in.

So off we headed about 8pm, the three of us expecting a big night. It was about an hour and a half of a drive. Feeling we might be a little too early, and the thought of walking into a house of leering women, we stopped, picked up some alcohol, and went into in a pub for a quick one before heading in.

True to her word there were lots of women there, with the odd fella thrown in for good measure. We walked in and noticed the odd glance, desperately trying to avoid eye contact as they scanned us from head to toe. A few familiar faces smiled and welcomed us, and we were in and part of the schemozzle. I found a spot for myself beside the fridge (beer fridge to be more precice) and within arms reach of the finger food that was going around. I was introduced to the bowl of fruit cocktail (laced with many bad alcoholic things) … and took it from there. We had a quick conference between the three of us: DMc hadn’t seen anything spectacular, D had spotted something he liked from a distance, and I had my eye on a girl in the corner. We went our separate ways to join up later.

Some hours later, DMc wasn’t feeling too good. Too much fruit coctail, and other beverages were weighing heavily on him. I took him out the back door into the garden to see if fresh air would do him any good. It wasn’t doing any good, but the prospect of heading back into a cauldron of heat and air thick with various fumes did not appeal to him either. I looked in the kitchen window and low and behold, I saw my long lost comrade D in deep conversation with the girl he had spotted earlier. Then suddenly the conversation started getting deeper …… [use your imagination]. Then they disappeared.

All this time I was still helping DMc. By this time. most of the mix causing him problems had freed itself from his renching stomach. So I returned to the fray, but luck was not on my side, as the party had begun to dwindle, and take it’s eventual course. Those of us resting the night found a place to put our weary heads, until the morning when lots of water, and orange juice and a small fry were consumed in the hope of easing the pain.

We gathered our stuff, prised D&M apart, and headed for the hills. That was the start D&M. “Not their type”, how wrong C was. Just look at them now!

So that’s my very very small part in putting them together (I placed them in the same house as 40 other people). It’s a funny story all the same.

It promises to be a great day out for everybody. I wish them all the best today, followed by a life of joy and happiness.


2 comments so far

  1. laurie on

    it’s a great story, and i can see it all so clearly.
    my favorite line: “D was at the bog and feeling lazy.” pretty much sets it ireland, right there…

    i wish them well on their wedding day!

  2. rough hands on

    It’s nice … and the story was mentioned in the grooms speech too. I was a bit chuffed at that. I never considered myself the least bit of a matchmaker … only by accident.
    It was a great day, and everyone is delighted for them. It will be a struggle to return to normal now, so I’ll need lots of sleep tonight. The time has changed now so I’ll have to get up earlier in the morning to make the most of the available daylight … otherwise I’ll be working in the darkness of the night.

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