Corrado Sue gets sick

The other day I was walking through the dry cattle on the opposite side of the farm, when I saw that one of my dry cows was all on her own, a sure sign that there was something wrong with her. So I went over to her, and she seemed nervous of me, and of all the other cattle. She moved slowly, but deliberately. She was in constant pain, grunting slightly.So I brought her back to the yard where I could get close to her and give her a proper inspection. The cause was quickly found. She had an e-coli infection of the udder. Now e-coli is bad news for any cow. It hits quickly and hard, and can release enough toxins into her systems in the first 48 hours to kill her stone dead.

So I rang the vet immediately, and he was up in ten minutes. He came to the same conclusion as me, so he treated her with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory into the vein, so that it would work quicker. That evening she was up and eating again, but it will be a slow struggle for her to get back to full fitness again.

I wonder how this kind of thing can happen at this time of year. On perfect pasture, no flies in good condition … but then this happens. It’s very disconcerting to be honest. One of those knocks that we need to take every now and again, and they just come and hit you when you least expect it.

But priorities first, she seems to be doing fine again which is good.


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  1. laurie on

    i thought e-coli came from droppings? which obviously happen in any field, any conditions.

    in any case, i’m glad you and the vet were able to act so quickly. i hope she gets better.

  2. rough hands on

    e-coli live happily in the gut of an animal. it’s possible they traveled in the blood stream or got there through the external environment. Flies can sometimes cause it as they bite through skin, and add contamination.
    She is getting better slowly all the time … but it will take a long time before she’s back to her old self: possibly two to three months. We will see how she gets on.

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