All Smiles

It has been a bank holiday weekend here and with the wedding, I have hardly seen a computer in the last few days (sometimes I should rejoice at this, but I feel a lot of unfinished business).The wedding was great. Lots of friends, lots of old faces and everyone enjoying themselves. There was wind and rain, but once inside in the reception … all was forgotten about. In fact I suppose I forgot about farming and everything else on a normal day until today that is and I’m back to normal this evening.

The picture above is of the happy couple on top of their wedding cake. A thick layered chocolate cake. Lovely, but oh my god it sat in my stomach for ages.

As in the picture, everyone was all smiles on Saturday. It’s a different story today. Everyone is tired and in need of lots of extra sleep. So maybe it’s time to put the figurines into their shoe box and let them rest.


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  1. laurie on

    ah, sounds lovely.

    and i smiled at your being “tired.” that’s what david ortiz said, too, after the red sox won the world series. “we were out celebrating late,” he said, “and i’m tired.”

    some call it tired. some call it hungover.

  2. rough hands on

    Ahhhh now, very mildly hung over really (the wine was nice). It’s the legs that are like lead, that’s all…. still today. Actually I don’t think my brain is too far behind either, that being a major reason for lack of posting at the moment.

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