Addled this evening

It’s been a strange evening. It seems like everything is coming down on me, and nothing is going right.
It all started at 7pm, we were supposed to have our usual game of indoor soccer. We arrived down only to find the gates shut, the lights off. Nobody home. Teddy! where are you gone to … come back and open the door please.
Actually it started much earlier in the day. The mobile phones have been dodgy all day, and texts are arriving a few hours late, and I can’t make phone calls. It’s just an unusuable service at the moment. That problem still persists till this moment, but there are lots of workarounds of course.
I had a farm discussion meeting at 9pm, so I was gearing up for that, only to be told that there was an IFA meeting on in town at the very same time. I wanted to go to the two, so I settled on sticking to my original plan. People would not be happy with me whichever way I turned. As it turned out, I didn’t make the start of either of them.
I got a phone call (one the mobile that had steadfastly refused to work all evening) from the brother at 8:45pm. His first words were “Help, I’m stuck”. The car had just stopped on the road about 15 miles from home, he wanted me to come and bring him back. AAGGGGHHHH. Everything at once. So I went and got him and towed him home with a big strong rope about 15 foot long. It was not the easiest trip because it’s over the side of a mountain (a big hill I say again) and there are some nice steep bits, so I was a little on tenderhooks as to whether we’d make it up those inclines … but with flying colours we made it.Downhill was interesting too, I noticed early on that if the brother braked in the car behind me, then my car would swerve to the left… so any hard breaking was out of the question. So downhill, we freewheeled … but it was the car being towed that did all the breaking downhill. I wouldn’t recommend being towed at all unless you’re a good driver, have a tow-bar and nerves of steel.

Eventually we got home at 10:20pm. I weighed up my options, and headed to my original planned meeting. It ‘s very informal, and often the best part is at the end where people feel easier to discuss their views over a cup of tea. The meeting lasted another 30 minutes after I arrived, and sure enough tea and biscuits brought lots of information to everyones ears.
I arrived home at 12:15am, with only thought of bed. But there parked in front of the house was my other brothers car, and I remembered that they were coming in tonight. So another hour stopped talking in the kitchen, before I have been able to head to bed… and now I realise that I’ve drank so much tea tonight, that I’m not able to switch off at all.
Wide eyed and bushy tailed is my current state. I need to get that concrete pillow for christmas.


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  1. laurie on

    ah, freewheeling down a mountain, brakeless, with two cars tethered together. you forgot the scariest part: ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD.

    (ok, that’s the correct side, to you. but still. what if you’d met an american tourist coming the other way?)

  2. rough hands on

    Well, we drove on the middle of the road … so anyone coming in either direction was going to have a bit of trouble getting past us 🙂
    But fortunately, it was dark and not much traffic on the road … so we could see any car coming from half a mile away … and i didn’t go above 20mph … so there wasn’t going to be any incident. Oh, I sound so conservative and boring. We should have been hurtling down the mountainside at 80mph … just for the sheer craic of it. hmmmm, maybe not.
    As for the American tourist syndrome … that’s a problem at any time of day or night … but not so much around here, because we’re a little off the beaten track. BUT, it gets a little close to the bone here, because it happened to neighbours of where my mum is from, when they came across tourists in a jeep and on the wrong side of the road. Five in the car, three killed, and two badly injured … all from the same family. That’s a good while ago now … probably 15-20 years ago, but even now I shudder at the thought.

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