Hare yesterday, Gone today

I was away all day yesterday and on returning returning this morning, I found this poor girl on the road outside our front gate. It is a horrible sight to see, but it happens from time to time. She’s obviously one of the herd of rabbits that nibble on the grass in front of our house in the dead of the night and early in the morning. Sometimes, early on a crisp spring morning, when on opening the shutters of the windows in front of the house, there could be anything up to a dozen rabbits nibbling away to their hearts content.
So this one wandered out onto the road this morning, and because rabbits do not know the safe cross code (pictured below), this girl had a fate like many of her furry friends before. I suppose we’re lucky it’s not a person or a child these days. Such is the way that our road has gone since it was re-tared and widened a few years back. In the evenings, the cars come hurdling down the hill over 60mph, with a reckless disregard for anyone or anything else on the road.

We like the rabbits around our house, so it made me sad this morning to see her prone on the ground. My next instinct was to remove up the poor bunny. It may sound heartless, but the bunny went to shep … who was not going to say no. so out of some bad, there is good as he now has a full belly. Such is the way of life and death.


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  1. Laurie on

    wow, he eats them??
    it is riley’s dream to kill a rabbit. he has not yet achieved this. but he has killed several squirrels. after he does, he stands back and stares at them with something like alarm on his face. i think he is astounded at his powers.

    he doesn’t try to eat them after that. one time, he buried one under the woodchips in the yard.

  2. rough hands on

    Yes they eat them of course. They eat everything … and I mean everything and that includes the fur. When they come back to base (which is the back door), their bellies are big and wide as if they were heavily pregnant (but they’re boys… hmmmm). They are dead lazy for the rest of the day, but they are happy dogs.
    It’s actually amazing to watch them eat like that. They don’t like to be watched much, probably because they feel vulnerable. For a meal like that they hold onto what they have as much as possible. There’s often growling and snapping. Buttons is a younger and fitter guy, and is always stealing from shep. So I locked buttons inside for today, and left shep to eat for twenty minutes. Buttons could eat the scraps after that.
    But you know, you used to give raw turkey to your lads. At the end of the day, it’s just raw meat.

  3. laurie on

    that’s true, i did.

    but the raw turkey didn’t have fur….

    i wonder why riley won’t eat the dead squirrels? maybe because it’s unfamiliar to him. or maybe because we scoop them up with a shovel and dump them in the trash as soon as we we discover them.

  4. rough hands on

    I have seen my lads kill a fox, and stand over the kill for ages … and then walk away. Buttons tried a badger recently (a new experience I think) and got clawed across the face for his troubles. Rats they just pick up and shake violently until its neck breaks, drop it and walk away.
    I don’t think they’ve managed to crack a hedgehog yet.
    I have seen them kill a poor cat … and just walk away from it. Mostly the cat gets away, because they know how to use their claws in inflict maximum damage, and then scamper to safety
    The most awesome kill I have witnessed was how they worked together to kill a hare. Buttons chased him down a field into a passage where Shep was waiting around the corner to pounce. It was amazing to watch.
    And they protect their patch from trespassing dogs all the time and have paths worn all over the place from patrolling.

    But it’s very possible that Riley doesn’t like the taste, or is already full. Our lads are lean (but not malnourished).
    It is hard to know to be honest, but maybe he just does not have the instinct.

  5. Laurie on

    i think the fact that he’s well-fed is probably it.

    boscoe and toby used to work together to get at squirrels. they were both fairly inept, though, and the one time they really got one it fell off the house right in front of them.

    then it was pretty hard to miss.

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