Barking up the wrong tree

Following on yesterdays series of pictures, as I had the camera out, I was able to take some shots and video of Shep and Buttons, as they barked up a tree searching for a cat to scare out of its skin all day long. They have a bad habit of sitting under a tree all day and night, and barking their hearts out. This particular tree is difficult for them, There is fencing on one side, and then there is a wall on the near side. So they stand up on the wall and jump up onto the tree. Shep’s balance is excellent, but buttons isn’t the best to be honest. You should also notice the lack of ivy on one side of the poor tree. Yes, that’s from Shep’s constant pawing. It’s often that he tears off the bark of the tree, which isn’t the best to be honest. Have to take preventative action when that happens. It is more likely to happen on evergreens rather than hardwoods.

This time around, I think they were just giddy from running around in circles playing chase. They seem to just like barking for the sake of it. I pointed up the tree ad off they went barking at nothing. Of course it’s great fun … unless it’s 2am and people are trying to go to sleep. When this happens, we have to lock them into their house for the night and let them out in the morning.

My niece tried to get into the action too, but her balance isn’t the best on top of a wall like that … but all the same, she didn’t fall and had lots of smiles too.

Finally there’s a short video here of some of the ‘action’. just barking and whining. Apologies in advance for the video below which is sidewards at the start but it’s better than nothing.


2 comments so far

  1. laurie on

    boscoe (our border collie) was in the room when i played your video, and boy did his head snap around in attention when he heard your guys bark!

  2. Coastal Aussie on

    Adding the little bit of footage was great; nice photos too and an engaging blog entry. I’m looking forward to whatever comes next. 🙂

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